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About Us

We are building the world’s most intelligent document automation platform

Lawyaw is a technology company built by people working together. Our team is building innovative natural language processing systems to push the boundaries and discover new computational and mathematical properties of language. Our mission is to build the most intelligent, powerful, and intuitive legal document automation platform in the world. This is just the beginning.

Meet the team

Born out of leading law firms and the top natural language processing teams at Google, we've brought together a brilliant and diverse team of attorneys, computer scientists, engineers, designers, and linguists. We’ve raised funding from some of Silicon Valley’s best investors and are working with the nation's top law firms and corporations.

Tucker Cottingham

Tucker Cottingham, J.D.

CEO & Co-founder

Vahed Qazvinian

Vahed Qazvinian, Ph.D.

CTO & Co-founder

Ray Mina

Ray Mina

Head of Growth & Marketing

Omid Elliyoun

Omid Elliyoun

Product Design Lead

Ashley Hanson

Ashley Hanson

Customer Success Specialist

Andreas Becker

Andreas Becker, J.D.


Nora Cregan

Nora Cregan, J.D.

Director of Social Partnerships



Hiring Manager

Our advisors

We are thrilled to be supported by an amazing board of advisors.

Alex ‘Sandy’ Pentland, Ph.D.

Professor Media Lab, MIT

Dragomir Radev, Ph.D.

Professor Computer Science, Yale University

Douglas Solomon, J.D.

Former SVP, General Counsel, NetSuite

Shaun Modi

Partner and designer at TM. Former Designer at Airbnb and Google.

Christopher Morace

CEO, Memery; Former Chief Strategy Officer, Jive Software

Jess Gupta, J.D.

Former Director of Corporate Development, NetSuite