Lawyaw + Clio Acquisition FAQ

We’re excited to announce that Lawyaw has been acquired by Clio (September 2021), the leading provider of cloud-based legal technology. This is a huge milestone for our company and we want to provide you with as much information as we can at this time, but there are some things that we don’t know yet. We will have subsequent product and feature announcements coming soon!

What was the size of the deal?

We are not disclosing the purchase price and details of the acquisition, but what we can say is both parties are extremely happy with the outcomes and the ability to support the market in new and exciting ways.

Why did you decide to join Clio?

We have worked closely with Clio’s team for a while now, including our existing data integration and the Lawyaw app in Clio’s app store. This acquisition is an example of how we collectively continue to be at the forefront of the legal industry by working to deliver a seamless and efficient end-to-end document workflow. By officially joining the Clio family, we can more deeply and directly impact our future trajectory to modernize the ways in which legal documents are created and legal services delivered.

Is your team changing?

No. As part of this transition, our entire team is joining Clio. Lawyaw’s CEO and Co-founder Tucker Cottingham will become the General Manager of Lawyaw.

What are your future plans? What does this mean for the Lawyaw roadmap?

You will have to come to the Clio Cloud Conference to find out.

What does this mean for my subscription?

We are not making any immediate changes to our current offerings. Our focus right now is on developing even more solutions to help streamline and simplify the ways in which legal documents and court forms are created and completed.

What does this mean for Clio customers?

More innovation for the legal documents and court form solutions within Clio’s products.

What does this mean for your other integration partners?

We will not be making any changes that disrupt our customers, whether they are a Clio subscriber or not. What customers and the industry alike can expect is more innovation to streamline and simplify the ways in which legal documents and court forms are created and completed.

Does this mean you aren’t going to integrate with [X company] in the future?

We are still determining our long term plans, when it comes to integrations. Our focus right now is informing our customers of the news, planning our future roadmap, and continuing to innovate against legal document automation and smart form needs for the legal industry.

Are you going to force me to use Clio now?

No, we don’t have plans to do anything that would disrupt our customers. We will continue to offer our technology to any legal professional or law firm, regardless of whether they’re a Clio user or not.

Why didn’t you give us advance notice?

As I’m sure you can understand, this was a private deal and as such, we were not in a position to disclose anything until now.