The #1 Document Automation Integration for Clio is Lawyaw

Lawyaw is the first cloud-based document automation solution to integrate with Clio, allowing you to easily sync all of your Clio Matters, Contacts and associated custom fields into logic-based templates and cloud-based court forms to save time and avoid errors with routine legal drafting.

Clio users can get started via Clio’s app store. Pair our easy-to-use document automation tools with the power of Clio’s practice management software to unlock new levels of efficiency and profitability for your firm.
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Use Clio Matter and Contact information to fill customizable, cloud-based templates, eliminating repetitive work and reducing drafting errors.

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Logic-based templates adjust programmatically to case and client background information.

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Assemble template sets to draft multiple documents at the same-time to help structure your practice’s common workflows

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Federally-compliant eSign built-in.

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Works remotely on Mac or PC.

Generate template sets with Lawyaw (screenshot)
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“Lawyaw helps me reduce the time it takes to fill in and complete documents for my clients, while at the same time reducing the opportunity for error. If my clients see an error in something simple, they often assume that there are issues with the complex stuff, too. Lawyaw helps us get the simple stuff right.”
James O'Neil from O'Neil & Rueppel, LLP
James O'Neil
O'Neil & Rueppel, LLP

How does it work?

Create powerful, reusable templates

Easily create journey based templates that include fillable fields, multiple choice questions, saved clauses, and conditional logic.

Auto-populate documents with Clio data

Use Clio standard and custom fields to automatically populate and assemble your templates, and create custom template sets to generate multiple documents at once.

Collect signatures electronically

Sign and collect electronic signatures with Lawyaw’s federally compliant eSign. Receive notifications when signature requests are viewed and signed and stay compliant with our verified audit trail.

What challenges are you trying to solve?

Talk to a Lawyaw product expert about how your firm can save time and reduce errors for routine legal drafting.

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