Programmable Legal Documents Can Save Time and Avoid Errors on Routine Drafting

The future of the legal industry is finding better ways to solve inefficient processes in a way that improves client experience without compromising a legal professionals' valuable expertise. That's where Lawyaw comes in. Transform your own Microsoft Word-based documents into easy-to-fill, modular templates that help you create your same documents faster. Spend less time on drafting and more time doing what matters to you. Over 1.1 million legal documents have been drafted using Lawyaw!
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Create your same documents in 80% less time.

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Significantly reduce the opportunity for errors.

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Assign multiple roles to a contact when populating documents.

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Save sets of frequently used documents as packets – no retyping!

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Prices starting at $99/month, including one-on-one support for onboarding.

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Lawyaw is awesome. It allows me to use my own templates and language, enter information one time, and generate multiple documents at once. At the end of the day I am creating my same exact documents, but saving a ton of time and reducing errors.

Regina Edwards, Edwards Family Law

Upload your finely-tuned Word documents.

Turn them into templates to streamline document assembly.
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Upload fee agreements, discovery requests & responses, contracts, and more. Save sets of documents you use together and stop re-typing information.

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Lawyaw is customized to your practice. Enjoy one-on-one onboarding help to set up your firm, or get help with template building if you're strapped for time.

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Review generated documents and then send out for e-signature without leaving Lawyaw. Or download as an MS Word or PDF document. It's that easy.

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Everything you need to create legal documents faster and more accurately.

No more hunting in Microsoft Word

Information automatically entered in the right place. Enter information once and let Lawyaw populate it throughout your document.

Ensure proper grammar & consistency

Quickly adjust pronouns & subject verb agreement to match your needs. Rather than save multiple templates or manually replacing information, simply click a button and update your entire document.

Save standard provisions and precedent

Save previously used language as alternative clauses or sections. Simply choose the clause or section you want to add to your document, and your formatted text will seamlessly drop into the document.

No generic templates

Turn your existing, familiar documents into smart templates rather than use generic 3rd party templates.

Draft a Set of Documents in 80% Less Time.

Spend more time on valuable tasks and less time on routine drafting. Use Lawyaw’s web-based platform to simplify legal document assembly and avoid errors. Starting at $99/mo.
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