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It’s Official:
One Million Documents Created With Lawyaw

Lawyaw is a company created by lawyers with one goal in mind — find better ways to practice law by using technology to solve repetitive tasks like document drafting. 

Why does that matter? Because saving time on tasks like document creation means more time for what really matters—whether that’s building relationships with clients, increasing caseload, spending time with family, or just taking a well-deserved break.  

That’s why we’re thrilled to announce our recent milestone of one million documents created within Lawyaw’s platform.  

How did we reach that number so quickly? Our dedicated users. 

Here’s how Lawyaw stacks up: 
  • We’re the document automation solution for more than 1,000 solo, small and medium-size firms across the U.S. and Canada.
  • If you add up all our active users, Lawyaw would be one of the 4 biggest law firms in North America.
  • Once users see how much time and effort the platform can save them, they stick with us.

And that’s why we’re so proud of hitting the million document milestone. Because even if we estimate that a user saved an hour per document (it’s usually much more, actually, especially if we’re talking about packets of letters, motions and requests bundled into a set),that’s equivalent to about 125,000 eight-hour workdays. So, averaged out, every firm using Lawyaw has created nearly 125 days of new opportunities so far. Not bad for a company that’s only four years old.

Automated Document Assembly

When it comes to document creation, most law firms utilize blank forms and templates (often saved as Word docs). Even with the templates, lawyers find themselves spending time with multiple tabs open to find, copy and paste client information. This repetition often leads to mistakes and compounds together to take hours out of your week.

Lawyaw’s intelligent automation allows you to:
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Thousands of Lawyers Are Already Using Lawyaw

Lawyaw provides affordable, no-code document automation solutions for solo, small- and mid-sized legal practices, including information gathering, automated document assembly, e-sign, and other tools.

Founded by a diverse team of attorneys, computer scientists, and engineers, Lawyaw’s tools are used by more than 1,000 law firms and legal aid groups across North America to automate document assembly, streamline with e-sign, and more.

We've helped legal practices save time and reduce errors with routine document drafting, and enabled easier delegation of tasks for firms working remotely with our web-based platform. This allows small teams to practice law smarter, not harder and focus more time on the things that matter most.

Our users regularly save 60-80% of the time they're currently spending doing find-and-replace in Word documents. How can we help your practice solve document-related processes? Schedule time with our product experts for an initial conversation about how Lawyaw can help your practice get ahead.

Example: New Client Intake

Onboarding new clients is a process every lawyer understands well, no matter your specialization. Now, you’ll see exactly how simple Lawyaw makes new client intake and clearly demonstrates why legal professionals have used our solution to create more than one million documents.

Step One: Send a new client questionnaire

(Example of a New Client Questionnaire created in Lawyaw)

With Lawyaw, it’s simple to create a client questionnaire form which asks your clients for all necessary contact details you’ll need for their client profile. Once your form is finished, you’ll be able to copy/paste the link to send to every new client you’re onboarding. Each time a client fills out the form, you’ll be able to give it a once over to check for accuracy, misspellings and other common errors. 

After you review the information, the client data populates directly into the documents you've selected.

Step Two: Generate, edit and send the fee agreement

(Generating a fee agreement and setting up e-sign in about 30 seconds)

After you capture client data, it’s always available to add to any document you choose. It’s all automatically inserted after you choose the form or template and select the client in your Lawyaw dashboard.  

One document that is common to most law offices is the fee agreement. After you add your fee agreement template, simply choose it and assign the client, by name. Lawyaw then adds all relevant client data directly to a draft copy of your fee agreement template. All inputs are highlighted for you to quickly check and edit, if necessary. Now the document is ready to generate.

There are two different ways to generate documents:

Step Three: Begin generating all other necessary documents

Once the client has signed the fee agreement, you can immediately begin generating all relevant forms and documents pertaining to the case. All generated documents can be organized into different projects, for easier workflow and file structure. It’s also simple to create multiple projects for recurring clients or cases with more complex legal issues.  

Lawyaw is an End-to-End Document Workflow Solution

Depending on your specialization, you likely use dozens, or even hundreds, of forms and Word templates. Each one of these documents require common client details, each and every time. An automated solution may seem beneficial, yet daunting.

Here are a few actionable tips that may help you avoid becoming overwhelmed:.

Every minute you spend transferring a template, adding clients and finding common forms in Lawyaw compounds into adding extra hours each month and days each year. Once you’ve experienced the time-saving power of document automation, you’ll wonder what you did without it.

If you're ready to see what Lawyaw can do to help your practice, complete the form below to schedule a conversation.

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