Explore topics related to document automation, process management, and more designed to help legal professionals find better ways to practice law.

The Value of Document Automation for Small and Mid-Size Law Firms

Document automation is technology that helps lawyers draft legal documents quickly and accurately. Get a better understanding of common misconceptions about the technology and learn more about its benefits for law practices.

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One Million Documents Created

Lawyaw is a company created by lawyers with one goal in mind — find better ways to practice law by using technology to solve repetitive tasks like document drafting.   That’s why we’re thrilled to announce our recent milestone of one million documents created within Lawyaw’s platform.

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Case Study: A Family Lawyer Wins Back Weekends with His Family

“It used to take me up to 2 hours to generate an entire set of documents for my clients. In Lawyaw, I generate everything in 20 minutes tops."

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eBook: Implementing Alternative Fee Agreements

There are a variety of advantages that solo, small and mid-size legal practices can realize by considering alternative fee arrangements. While we're not ready to say the billable hour is nearing extinction, there are some interesting opportunities for structures that create more predictability for firms and better client experience.

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Case Study: How an Estate Planning Attorney Improved Profitability

“I can cut down the time it takes to generate a will from 10 hours to about 4 hours. Now I've gone from losing to making money on every will I write.""

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Perfecting Remote Client Intake

It should come as no surprise that, along with the transition to remote work, the number of face-to-face meetings between attorneys and clients has dropped significantly due to COVID-19. Have small and mid-sized law firms met that challenge with a solid strategy for collecting client information remotely? 
Not exactly.

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Commonly Automated Documents by Practice Type

Legal professionals are using Lawyaw to turn their own Microsoft Word documents into model templates to reduce errors and cut down on the amount of time spent on repetitive drafting. The types of projects that Lawyaw users have successfully integrated into an automated document workflow are wide ranging and include nearly all practice areas and jurisdictions.

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