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Samuel E. Thomas was looking for ways to grow his solo family law practice, without taking time away from his own growing family.

Generating documents for his clients was dominating his time, so he began looking for solutions. The problem? He found the tools restrictive and the interfaces difficult to use. Asan attorney who relies heavily on document sets, Samuel was also frustrated to find that none of the tools he’d tried allowed him to generate all the documents he needed for unique cases like step-parent adoptions or contested divorces. He knew there had to be a better way. That’s when a peer recommended Clio Draft.


Before he started using Clio Draft, Samuel’s old way of generating documents was not only time consuming, but error prone. The process is all too familiar for any attorney working in Microsoft Word: Pull up past cases with similar facts, then hunt-and-peck your way through those documents to enter the new information.

"I would literally go through the entire document and change everything, and then make sure it all corresponded with my notes,” Samuel says. “The issue with doing things manually is that you run the risk of slipping up and making a mistake. It doesn’t look professional when you make those kinds of errors.”

Another time saver: Clio Draft’s conditional language capability allows Samuel to quickly generate document sets.

“It used to take me up to 2 hours to generate an entire set of documents for my clients,” he says. “In Clio Draft, I generate everything in 20 minutes tops."

By turning client documents into easily fillable templates, Clio Draft has cut Samuel’s document generation time by 83%.


Now, when Samuel thinks about the future of his practice, he considers Clio Draft to be an essential piece of the puzzle.

  • More Predictable Workload
    By building a library of customized sets of templates with Clio Draft, Samuel knows precisely how much time it will take to support a client. For him, that means accurate billing and a more predictable workload.
"Clio Draft is such an integral part of my growth strategy that I now have an intern who is 100% dedicated to building templates. Instead of having an intern do manual work, I have them building the future of my practice in Clio Draft.”
  • Greater Scalability + Fee Innovation
    He has also transformed his billing structure by moving away from retainers to a flat-fee, value-based system. With fewer errors and better productivity as a result of Clio Draft, Samuel has the freedom to expand his caseload and work on more cases simultaneously.  
"Switching to flat fees is one of the better ideas I've had. If you're on hourly billing, you can only bill so many hours per week without running into ethical challenges. By switching to a flat-fee system, it's allowing me to scale my practice."
  • Productivity Gains = More Time in the Day
    Most important of all, Samuel can finally achieve the work-life balance he originally set out to find. Using Clio Draft to generate documents more quickly and cleanly, Samuel now has time to manage his practice and more time to spend at home.
“I’m trying to work less on the weekend,” he says. “I have a 6-month-old, so it’s important to have the weekends as free as possible to spend with family. I won’t get these years back.”

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