Platform security and data protection

Data Protection for Your Firm and Clients

As a platform founded by legal professionals, we understand that data security is critical for law firms. It's why Clio Draft uses bank-grade security technology and industry-leading measures to ensure your data is always protected. You can confidently prioritize serving your clients while we take care of guarding the data in your documents.

How Clio Draft protects your data

Data encryption

Confidentiality plays a significant role in running a law firm. Clio Draft ensures this by encrypting data at rest and in transit. We use Transport Layer Security (TLS) and Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encryption to protect sensitive details passing between parties and prevent unauthorized users from reading or modifying information.

Illustration of a  lock indicating data encryption and platform security
Illustration of a lock and a key on a laptop

Access and control

We take a holistic approach to data security using protocols to validate the identity of all users. For example, two-factor authentication uses email and phone pathways to confirm access. Clio Draft customers must set up two-factor authentication during account creation to build an extra audit layer before entering the platform. 

Secure Infrastructure

Our platform stores your documents on ISO 27018 certified data centers. ISO 27018 is a set of controls and guidelines which protect Personally Identifiable Information (PII) in the cloud. It indicates that an independent authority has verified the systems for data security. Only you and individuals authorized by your company have access to your documents. Your content stays private – including from Clio Draft.

Illustration of a secure cloud infrastructure

Additional Safety Features

Audit trails

Our embedded audit trail tracks user access and activity for eSignatures to ensure you know who signs what. User activity will also trigger notifications for submitted signatures.

Workflow security

World-class features including bank-grade security, SSL encryption, and more provide a safe eSign experience for all parties.

Secure storage

Cloud-based data access eliminates the risk of information being lost, stolen or damaged. You can securely access workflows from anywhere and process data confidently.

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