What exactly is Lawyaw?

Lawyaw is cloud-based software that helps small and medium-size law firms automate document workflows from information gathering to eSign. For example, you can turn your frequently used Microsoft Word-based documents into reusable, easy-to-fill templates and then send for eSign with just a few clicks. Legal professionals can also access cloud-based libraries of county, state and federal court forms. These features allow firms to build and fill sets of documents and forms simultaneously to quickly complete routine drafting. The results help save time and avoid errors with legal document drafting.

How do I get started using Lawyaw?

To get started simply create a Lawyaw account. We'll follow-up with you to schedule time to talk about whether Lawyaw is the right solution for your legal practice.

How do you turn Microsoft Word documents into templates?

We have an easy-to-use Template Builder that is integrated into Microsoft Word. With the Template Builder, you can convert your frequently-used documents into fillable Word templates that can be drafted in a fraction of the time on the Lawyaw platform. We also have a dedicated Templating team that can help you get started.

How do I fill them?

Once your templates are in Lawyaw, you’ll be able to fill them over and over again through a simple online portal. In addition to having the ability to quickly and accurately fill your documents with information like names and addresses, you can also insert and edit entire clauses and paragraphs using conditional logic and other nifty features. If you are a Clio user, you also have the ability to import Clio data, right into your Word documents.

How do I get the completed document back to Microsoft Word?

That’s easy. Lawyaw gives you the ability to download a fully formatted Word version of your filled document for final editing or changes.

What if I need to make changes to the actual template?

Lawyaw lets you make changes to your existing template from within Word, and then those updates are available for you in the platform going forward (previously generated documents won't be affected, but new ones will be).

Which court forms are included?

With Lawyaw you can access more than 5,000 California court forms. You can fill all Judicial Council, county and federal immigration forms using our software.
With Lawyaw you can access thousands of cloud-based, fillable court forms. Current form libraries include all 50 US states. You can fill all Judicial Council, county and federal immigration forms using our software.

How are the forms updated?

Say goodbye to manual updates (you can finally get rid of that CD-ROM drive). Lawyaw updates all court forms, that way you can access the most current version of the form every time you log in to your account.

What types of lawyers use Lawyaw?

There are more than 3,500 lawyers across North America (and scattered around the globe) who are currently using Lawyaw. Our most common types of users practice Family Law, Estate Planning, Civil Litigation, Business Law and Real Estate. However, that's a generalization. If you have a legal practice that regularly uses similar sets of documents across multiple clients, there's a good chance we can help you save time, improve operational efficiency, avoid errors and increase profitability by using our software.

Does Lawyaw work with Mac?

The short answer is, yes! Since Lawyaw is cloud-based you can log in from a browser on any computer.

What if people want to work remotely?

We are built for remote work. Being cloud based means that users are not tied to a single machine or server. They can access Lawyaw anywhere they have internet access.

Can I create a template out of a PDF form to use over and over for different clients?

Yes! We call these Form Templates. Lawyaw helps you save time by allowing you to customize PDF forms with prefilled boxes, and stock language, which can be used and reused for any client.

Can I compile a group of documents to use over and over for different clients?

Yes! We call these Sets. Lawyaw helps speed up your document assembly by allowing you to assemble groups of commonly used forms, that can be used over and over again for client cases. You can create as many Sets as you want and each set can include all the forms you typically need for that type of filing.

What if there isn’t enough space in a field to fit the information I need.

Lawyaw auto-shrinks text to better fit all the information in one field. Just keep typing and Lawyaw will start resizing your text.

What if I need to add a field to a form?

By using Lawyaw you can quickly add a text box of any size anywhere on a form. You can then type your text directly into the new field.

Can I import clients from another source?

Yes! We currently have an integration with Clio.

Does Lawyaw include an eSign tool?

Lawyaw has a built-in federally compliant e-signature tool. You can save time completing your forms by signing them online, then sending them out for your clients to sign.

Can I use Lawyaw’s eSign tool for documents and attachments not created in Lawyaw?

Eliminate the extra cost of a third party e-signature tool by using Lawyaw’s built-in eSign for all of your documents. Just upload any PDF or Microsoft Word document to Lawyaw and send it out for e-signature.

What do I do with my documents when they’re done?

You can quickly download your documents as a Zip file, or one by one if you don't need them all at once. Your court forms will be downloaded in PDF format, and your Word Templates will be downloaded in .DOCX format. Additionally, you can use Lawyaw's built-in eSign tool to send out documents directly to your clients.

Do you save all my drafted court forms?

Yes! Lawyaw saves all your completed forms and client information to your account. You can come back at any time to review and edit.