Legal Document Automation from Intake to eSign

Transform your firm's existing documents into easy-to-fill, reusable templates.

Save time and avoid errors by only typing client and matter information once. Create sets of templates to streamline drafting of routine packets, and use conditional logic to solve for complex matters.
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Upload your Word-based legal documents to your secure Lawyaw account.

Unlike other tools that use pre-canned language, Lawyaw creates legal templates from your own well-crafted written words.

Our legal document automation software lets you upload those fee agreements, discovery requests & responses, and contracts you’ve been fine-tuning for years and turn them into fillable legal document templates.

Now, sit back and relax (we know you never get a chance to do that). We’ll send you a notification when your legal templates are ready to use.
Upload Word-based legal documents to Lawyaw's secure legal document automation software.

Quickly and accurately fill your templates over and over again for each new client.

Now that we’ve taken care of the heavy lifting, you get to do the fun part. Use Lawyaw’s easy to populate online tool to fill in all the factual details. We’ll accurately flow that information into your document in seconds. You can time us on that.

Draft even more of your document in Lawyaw.

We’re going to admit something right now – it’s impossible for us to turn every part of your document into a template. Your clients are unique and as a result, the final document you produce for them is too.

That’s why Lawyaw gives you document preparation tools to do even more with your document within our cloud-based platform.

Choose a paragraph, then edit it.

To help you customize your template, Lawyaw allows you to choose from a list of multiple-choice options and insert the one that’s best for your document. Fine-tune things further by editing the text you selected, right from within Lawyaw.

Type in your own free-form paragraphs.

For times when the language will likely be unique for every document, Lawyaw creates blocks of text for you to write in your own words, free-form.

Agreement type options in Lawyaw's legal document automation software.
“Lawyaw helps me reduce the time it takes to fill in and complete documents for my clients, while at the same time reducing the opportunity for error. If my clients see an error in something simple, they often assume that there are issues with the complex stuff, too. Lawyaw helps us get the simple stuff right.”
James O'Neil from O'Neil & Rueppel, LLP
James O'Neil
O'Neil & Rueppel, LLP

Sometimes the final word, is – well, Word.

When we created Lawyaw, one thing was clear: most legal documents are created in Microsoft Word (WordPerfect users, we feel you).

With that knowledge in hand, we set out to build legal forms software that started in Word and gave you the flexibility to end there too.

Lawyaw delivers on that flexibility by giving the ability to download a fully formatted Word version of your document with the click of a button.

Microsoft Word document automation shouldn’t be an all or nothing universe. With Lawyaw you can have your Word and template, too.
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Download a fully formatted Word version of your document with Lawyaw.