Reduce Time Spent on Routine Drafting by 80%

Save time and avoid errors by only typing client and matter information once. Create and populate sets of documents simultaneously to cut drafting time for projects from hours to minutes.

Use conditional logic to solve for tedious tasks like updating pronouns, or to add/remove clauses in documents based on client information.

Transform your firm's existing MS Word documents into easy-to-fill, reusable templates with Clio Draft.

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“Clio Draft helps me reduce the time it takes to fill in and complete documents for my clients, while at the same time reducing the opportunity for error. If my clients see an error in something simple, they often assume that there are issues with the complex stuff, too. Clio Draft helps us get the simple stuff right.”
James O'Neil from O'Neil & Rueppel, LLP
James O'Neil
O'Neil & Rueppel, LLP

Enjoy peace of mind with powerful document automation technology

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Customize documents based on client information using conditional logic.

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Add, remove or edit clauses and update subject-verb agreement across sets of documents based on parameters like number of children.

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Stop worrying about maintaining multiple versions of the same document in Word, or wondering whether staff are using up-to-date versions.

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Simplify document review by toggling on/off highlighted changes in generated docs.

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Worried about getting started?
We can help

Our document experts make it easy.

If you don’t want to lose billable hours setting up Clio Draft, our team of attorneys provide turn-key template-building services at a reasonable price.

Onboarding tools for every type of firm

From how-to videos and on-demand webinars to personalized 1:1 sessions, our onboarding systems accommodate a variety of learning styles.

 Explore the Template Exchange

Clio Draft’s document automation users can access a growing library of ready-to-use, jurisdiction-specific documents in the Template Exchange.

Room to grow

Start by automating some of the projects you work on most frequently, and build from there. Keep it simple at first and then add more projects later once you’re comfortable.  

How it works

Upload your Word-based legal documents into Lawyaw and turn them into fillable templates.

Auto-populate details and stop retyping the same information to save time and avoid errors.

Personalize text using tools like conditional logic or by adding rules to your documents.

Complete projects using a fully formatted Word version of your document.

Prepare and send documents for eSign with ease 

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Save time and complete filings faster using our built-in federally compliant eSign tool.

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Simple, user-friendly interface allows you to select documents, add signees, prepare packages, and send to clients in just a few clicks.

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Embedded audit trail notifies lawyers and clients of remaining steps in the process.

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Effortless experience  eliminates paper and completes work faster.

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Complete court forms faster and more accurately

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Access up-to-date libraries of thousands of official court forms (federal, state and local).

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Cloud-based and accessible from anywhere — no software installation required.

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Auto-populate sets of forms simultaneously.

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Current Form Libraries

Map of 50 US states where automated court forms are available.

Discover how Clio Draft simplifies your firm’s routine drafting to help you save time and avoid errors.

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