A Fast and Secure eSign Experience

Speed-up document signing by digitizing your print-scan-sign routine. With Clio Draft, you can simply drag and drop the signature field into your document and share for an effortless eSign experience. You can also collect signatures in multiple formats based on a court’s requirements and move projects faster.

A hassle-free eSign experience for your clients

Mobile-friendly tech

Skip the bottlenecks associated with mailing and waiting for signatures. Clio Draft offers mobile and web access, allowing clients, prospects, and coworkers to sign documents on the go without creating an account – just sign and submit.

An intuitive workflow

An easy-to-use and organized flow makes electronic signing a more dynamic experience for clients that want to skip the back-and-forth of manual signing and tedious paperwork.

Screenshot of the Lawyaw's court forms tool's eSign preparation screen
Screenshot of the Lawyaw's court forms tool's eSign enhancements

How Clio Draft helps your firm

Flexible document selection

Select documents drafted in Clio Draft or upload documents to include in a signature package.

More time savings

Prepare signature packages in a few clicks – select documents, add signers, and send. Give your staff more time to focus on clients and high-impact work.

Real time status updates

eSign audit trail reports on the status of documents by highlighting signatures that are pending, packages that are signed and submitted, and documents saved in draft mode.

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When you're giving documents to a client to sign, and they look like they were produced on an 80s computer, that's not impressive… All of that manual work is not required with Clio Draft.

Remove the bottlenecks and busywork

Simplify document signatures

Finish work faster when you don’t have to wait. Create and send your eSign package in a few clicks and get signatures from any device, mobile or desktop.

Secure your data

Clio Draft’s cloud-based technology and secure audit trail allows your firm to send documents and receive signatures with peace of mind.

Eliminate paperwork

Say goodbye to costly printing and mailing. Auto-fill court forms and convert existing MS Word documents into easy-to-populate online templates, then share with clients for eSign.

Add multiple signatories

Include multiple parties in your signature package without exiting the workflow for increased convenience.

Screenshot of the Lawyaw's court forms tool - select signers page.

Security and Compliance

Audit trail

An embedded audit trail tracks signature submissions and logs user access.

Multiple format flexibility

Users can collect electronic signatures in multiple formats to comply with local jurisdictional standards.

Workflow security

World-class features including bank-grade security, SSL encryption, and more provide a safe eSign experience for all parties.

Save more time with Clio Draft

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Access up-to-date libraries of thousands of official court forms (federal, state and local).

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Transform your firm's existing MS Word documents into easy-to-fill, reusable templates with Clio Draft and reduce drafting time by 80%.

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Use conditional logic to simplify tedious tasks like updating pronouns, or to add/remove clauses in documents based on client information.

Legal drafting made simple

Make routine drafting delightful by generating error-free legal documents in minutes and sharing with clients for eSign – all through a centralized platform.

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