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Create Dynamic Templates Using Conditional Logic

When you’re running a law firm, there is no time to spare for repetitive work like data entry. Clio Draft simplifies the manual processes of document drafting so you can dedicate your time and expertise to your clients. 

Our conditional logic functionality allows law firms to adjust pronouns and verbs to agree with client-specific details or add and remove clauses based on case information. Cloud-based technology ensures your team is always using the latest version of the document, so you don’t have to worry about mistakes or missing updates.

Advanced document drafting for modern law firms

Field-based conditions

Produce error-free documents quickly and easily using conditions triggered by field values in a template. Add or remove clauses based on specific client and matter information, for example. 

Standalone conditions

Trigger conditions independently of template field data by using answers from a multiple-choice field or similar input. Sets of documents can be updated simultaneously based on those answers.


Easily update personal pronouns (he/she/they) based on client information with conditions that automatically populate pronoun variations (him/her/them) throughout documents. Create rules once and then easily re-use them in other templates.

Screenshot of Lawyaw's court forms conditional logic feature
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“A lot of the responses to these judicial council forms are the same in every case. Clio Draft makes it easy to complete forms without manually entering the same information. I’m using Clio Draft every day.”

Why Clio Draft?

Trigger specific clauses, adjust pronouns, and change subject-verb agreement based on client information. Create sets of documents without worrying about awkward typos.

Stop maintaining multiple versions of MS Word docs or manually updating them for each new matter. Use a variety of operators to go beyond if/then rules to unlock advanced functionality 

Draft with ease

Avoid errors

Stop worrying about mishaps like whether find-and-replace missed updating footer text, or if the client’s name was spelled incorrectly on a form. Avoid the risk of errors in legal documents with automation.

Save time and grow

Spend more time on high-impact work and stop retyping the same information over and over. Draft sets of forms and documents in minutes by auto-populating client and matter details to finish projects faster.

Need a hand with building templates?

Our automation experts can set up your templates on the Lawyaw platform so you don't have to sacrifice your billable hours getting started. Sign up here
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Start building intelligent documents today

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Create documents using more advanced logic with functions like equals, exists, contains, and greater than. Discover automated templates

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Access up-to-date libraries of thousands of official court forms. Auto-populate them with client information simultaneously rather than retyping details. Discover automated court forms

Take a quick tour of how conditional logic simplifies document drafting while saving you time and resources.

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