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LegalEase Solutions is an ALSP supporting corporations, legal departments, and law firms with innovative help across a variety of legal services, including regulatory support, legal operations, and contract lifecycle management.

To deliver competitively priced services, Alternative Legal Service Providers are forced to choose between a lower profit margin or veering from traditional methods of legal service delivery to improve predictability and outcomes (because low-quality results are never an option).

Due to the competition they face, technology is no longer a luxury — it’s essential to success.

As LegalEase searches for ways to help identify bottlenecks, they’re asking “what is the right platform to solve our challenges?” What they didn’t know was that the answer was closer than they thought.  

For several large clients, LegalEase supports legal departments with responses to complaints, which consists of drafting answers and correspondence along with necessary forms. The high-volume of routine documents made document automation an obvious choice, and they had tested a few solutions that hadn’t worked out for them.

“Our biggest pain point was how can we add efficiency to this process,” explains Naseeha Machingal. “We were inundated with these complaints coming in from different states and across different clients.”

Clio Draft was a client of LegalEase, so they decided to try the platform and see if it could help.


Because LegalEase values flexibility and over-responsiveness, they needed a tech solution that could deliver both those things for their internal teams and their clients.

“[Clio Draft] exceeded our expectations,” says Patrice Asimakis, Director of Legal Services for LegalEase.

Using Clio Draft, LegalEase was able to stitch together a complete solution to prepare turn-key Answers to Complaints. This quickened their process, and they were able to deliver a better product to their client more quickly and easily than before.


Faster turnaround time without sacrificing the quality of finished work was their measure for success. Initially, they were hoping document automation could add 15% efficiency to their process. With the switch to Clio Draft, they saw a 30% improvement. Doubling the goal for the tool has made the decision to try Clio Draft an even bigger success.

“We have got time back and greater control of the end product,” says Machingal. “Using automation to help do what a reviewer did has provided us more time to strengthen the quality control process.”

With the improved efficiency, LegalEase has been able to reduce the size of teams needed to handle document-heavy processes, which saves them time and money. They achieved greater control of the final product, too. Now they confidently minimize the risk and maximize the efficiency of their document-focused processes.

LegalEase has helped their clients save days of time on projects, reducing turnaround to just 48 hours for some projects. This enables their clients to free up outside counsel to focus on higher-level tasks.

Because of this success, LegalEase is now looking into opportunities to expand their use of Clio Draft into other areas of their work. Any process that has repeatable tasks can be automated, and there is almost always a document involved.

When asked what advice they have for other ALSPs or law firms considering document automation:

“Technology is ubiquitous to the way we work and embracing this document automation tool is guaranteed to bring efficiency and quality to the work output.”