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Legal documents are the foundation of your law firm, so simplifying document assembly, filling court forms and securing e-signatures is impactful. Save time, avoid errors, improve profitability, and increase client satisfaction! Lawyaw is designed for solo, small and mid-size legal practices that need to work smarter instead of harder.

Reduce time spent on routine document drafting

Collaborate remotely with cloud-based tools (no install require)

Access more than 5,000 updated CA Judicial Council and County Court forms (Basic starts at $59/mo.)

Convert Microsoft Word documents into reusable, easy-to-fill templates (Pro)

Create end-to-end document workflows from intake to eSign (Template Builder starts at $99/mo.)

Members of CalBar save 5% off your first year's subscription.

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Lawyaw is a must-have for the modern law firm. We save a ton of time, reduce the opportunity for errors, and turn around client work faster. It's a godsend.

Erin Levine; Levine Family Law Group

All the tools you need to draft Judicial Council forms faster and more accurately.

Enter information once

Create your entire filing by grouping documents and entering information once. Save time and let Lawyaw do the heavy lifting by populating all your documents.

Save regularly used form sets

Certain filings contain the same forms which can be a chore to assemble. Lawyaw allows you to create each set once and reuse them over and over.

Easily duplicate projects

Why recreate the wheel? Take previously saved projects and quickly duplicate them so you can get that next client project started more quickly.

Handle sophisticated elements with ease

Lawyaw doesn't just help you automate text in your forms, it can also handle complex calculations and multiple choice selections. Draft faster and be confident that you're also eliminating errors and mistakes.

Pre-save Sets of Court Forms

Bundle forms you use together and fill them simultaneously. Then reuse sets to improve efficiency at your firm.
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Spend less time on routine tasks

Create form sets with custom headers, pre-checked boxes, and pre-filled text, so you don't have to type repetitive information over and over again.

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Lawyaw vs. Essential Forms

See why we're the #1 Essential Forms alternative.
Essential Forms
Automatic updates of over 5,000 CA court forms
Cloud-based for easy collaboration
Mac compatible
Easily duplicate projects
Federally compliant e-sign
Store client files
Upload Word documents
Searchable government forms
Manage user access to clients

Make Your Life Easier with Document Automation

Lawyaw’s advanced document automation tools allow users to streamline intake, document creation and eSign all in one place. Solve hours of manual work with a few clicks. Watch a quick video introduction to the web-based platform.

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