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How to Implement Process Optimization at Law Firms

Every hour matters when it comes to running a law firm. When legal processes are outdated and inefficient, they leave a trail of tedious tasks, taking time away from high-impact, billable work. 

74% of 400 law firms say that spending too much time on administrative work has recently been one of their biggest challenges.

With a better understanding of process optimization, law firms can identify friction in routine work to ease frustration and boost productivity. These exercises help teams visualize what’s required to complete tasks and improve them. 

We’ve designed a five-step guide to get you started with process optimization at your law firm. 

What’s inside?  

  • What’s process optimization and why it matters
  • Common pitfalls to avoid during the process
  • The 5 steps for optimization – from preparation to implementation
  • Examples of process mapping for legal workflows
  • How automation supports process improvement

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Find out how thousands of law firms are using our web-based document automation software to save time, reduce errors and improve efficiency.

Complete sets of documents all at once without retyping client information over and over. We can also help convert your existing Word docs into templates in our platform.

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Build complex documents faster with conditional logic

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Avoid errors from manual drafting processes

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Update pronouns and subject/verb agreement with ease

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Cloud-based to simplify  remote work