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Legal Workflow Automation and Optimization: What Is It and How Does It Benefit Your Practice?

With only so many (billable) hours in a day, it’s critical for lawyers to make their workflows, practices, and processes as efficient as possible. And, while optimizing these daily tasks can help get you part of the way towards a more efficient practice, automation is the not-so-secret ingredient for taking your time management to the next level. 

But what’s the difference between optimization and automation—and where do law firms even start when looking to improve their practices? 

In this free guide, we’ll walk you through everything you need to know about optimizing and automating your law firm—from why automation matters to navigating the change management process to evaluating new technologies. 

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  • Understand the incremental benefits of optimizing and automating your law firm 
  • Seamlessly navigate the change management process, regardless of firm size
  • Identify the right tools to help you run your law firm with ease

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Complete sets of documents all at once without retyping client information over and over. We can also help convert your existing Word docs into templates in our platform.

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Complete routine drafting in less time

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Build complex documents faster with conditional logic

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Avoid errors from manual drafting processes

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Update pronouns and subject/verb agreement with ease

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Cloud-based to simplify  remote work