Law Firms: Access 5,000+ Fillable California Court Forms with Lawyaw

Thousands of California attorneys use Lawyaw to auto-populate their California court forms quickly and easily. See for yourself why Lawyaw's cloud-based platform has been used to draft more than 10 million legal documents, saving time, reducing errors and improving profitability.

Our fillable California court forms are saving law firms several hours of routine work each week. That's time that can be better spent on higher-value tasks than retyping the same information over and over again into a set of Judicial Council forms.

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Access an online library of 5,000+ fillable California Judicial Council, County, and USCIS forms.

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Setup on Mac or PC in minutes with no software to install.

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Work from anywhere via cloud-based platform.

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Save sets of forms and populate all at once.

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Prices starting at $70/month

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“Lawyaw is a must-have for the modern law firm. We save a ton of time, reduce the opportunity for errors, and turn around client work faster. It's a godsend.”

Erin Levine,  
Levine Family Law Group

Fill Court Forms Faster and More Accurately

Take a quick tour of our online court form solution and see how easy Lawyaw is to use. A variety of legal-friendly features will make us your new favorite tool:

Remote access to thousands of up-to-date forms

Avoid errors and stop re-typing information

Save sets of forms and fill them all at once

Lawyaw vs. Essential Forms

See why we're the #1 Essential Forms alternative.
Essential Forms
Automatic updates of over 5,000+ CA court forms
Works on PC or Mac
Easily duplicate projects
Federally compliant eSign
Store client files
Upload Word documents
Searchable government forms
Manage user access to clients

Pre-save sets of forms

Bundle forms you use together and fill them simultaneously. Re-use sets of forms to improve efficiency at your firm.

Create forms faster and save hours each week.

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Enter Information Once to Populate Sets of Forms

Complete forms in a fraction of the time, and avoid errors from manually retyping information over and over.

Customize sets of forms

Pre-save sets of forms, checked boxes and other basics to streamline routine projects

Add custom fields

Place custom text box fields on forms. Use custom headers too.

Auto-Shrink Text

The information you enter fits cleanly in forms by automatically reducing font size to fit text fields

Impactful and Easy to Use

Start using the tool in minutes and get value right away. No complex setup required.

Save time, reduce errors and improve profitability.

Use Lawyaw’s cloud-based platform to draft your California court forms from anywhere with an internet connection.

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