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“"Lawyaw is a must-have for the modern law firm. We save a ton of time, reduce the opportunity for errors, and turn around client work faster. It's a godsend."

Erin Levine

Levine Family Law Group

Create template form sets

Create and save bundled templates. Reuse them over and over again.

Include pre-checked boxes and pre-filled text

With form sets you can also create template sets with custom headers, pre-checked checkboxes, and pre-filled text, so you don't have to check the same checkboxes and fill in repetitive information each time.

Populate information across custom groups of documents

Enter information only once and let Lawyaw populate it across your selected documents.

Add your custom fields

Add custom text box fields to court forms and documents.

Auto shrink

As you type, the font size reduces automatically to fit into text areas on forms.

Finish moving your firm to the cloud.

Eliminate the hassles of filling out court forms. Use Lawyaw’s cloud-based platform to draft your California court forms.
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