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Court Forms

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$30/mo for each additional user. $40/mo for each additional
court form library.
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Online fillable court forms software that saves time.
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Currently available for all 50 states.

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Thousands of fillable court forms.

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Federally compliant eSign.

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Cloud-based. Works with Mac and PC. No software to install.

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Auto-fill sets of forms simultaneously.

Thousands of fillable court forms.
Federally compliant e-sign.
Cloud-based. Works with Mac.
Auto-fill sets of forms simultaneously.
Currently available for CA, NY, TX, FL, GA, IL & USCIS forms

Intelligent Document

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$30/mo for each additional user. Discounted annual pricing is available.
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Modern document automation for small and mid-size law firms.
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Create and edit templates from Microsoft Word.

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Save sets of templates you use frequently to generate packets quickly.

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Use conditional logic to build documents.

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Save time and reduce errors on routine drafting.


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New users can add a template setup package at a discounted rate.
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Our experts can build templates so you can focus on billable work.
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Get help from certified legal professionals.

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Enjoy peace of mind when getting started.

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Get value from Lawyaw faster.

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Custom price estimates for your documents.

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Add more form libraries
Template Services are an optional add-on for Document Automation customers
Template setup service is a part of Document Automation. Select document automation first to enable this field.


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"With Lawyaw, we can input the basic data in 10-15 minutes, and then focus on fine-tuning the legal arguments."

Cleve Hill, Hill & Watchko, Alpharetta, GA

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Pricing details

User Costs: For a monthly account, the price to access our web-based Document Automation platform and Template Builder tool is $110/mo. for the first user. Each additional user is $30/mo. For our Court Forms product, the first user is $70/mo. and each additional user is $30/mo. Users can add more court form libraries to their account for $40 each (the first one is included in the subscription price). Users who bundle both Document Automation and Court Forms will save on their per-user costs. Ask us about additional price breaks for accounts with more than 10 seats, and special pricing for legal aid groups and non-profit organizations

Monthly vs Annual: You’ll save on your costs in an annual plan compared to a Monthly plan. It’s the equivalent of getting two months for free each year, if you’re paying for an Annual plan. Annual plans require payment upfront for the year. You can start on a Monthly plan and then switch to an Annual plan (but the year starts from the point when you switch rather than pro-rating the year to include the time when you were a Monthly user because that saves everyone from having to do a bunch of complicated math.)

Template Services: We understand that legal professionals are busy! If you’re a Document Automation user who would like help setting up your firm’s documents as templates in the Lawyaw platform, our team of template specialists can do that work for you. New users have an opportunity to access a setup package at a discounted rate, which includes up to 10 hours of service for $799. The setup package includes consultative meetings and document coding assistance from our team to help you get value from the tool quickly and efficiently without sacrificing your own billable hours to learn template building. New annual plan accounts receive a discount on the setup package. Existing users can access our template team’s services for $150/hour any time they’d like help.

Onboarding and Support: We offer all of our new customers first-class onboarding and support at no additional cost. We want to help you be successful with this tool (just like we’ve helped thousands of other legal professionals). And our support team is quick to respond if you run into any issues later. Our onboarding and support are not tied to the Template Assistance, which is a paid service specifically for help with template building.

Court Forms: The Court Forms product currently includes thousands of official forms as form libraries. Current form libraries are available for all 50 states. One form library is included in your purchase. Additional form libraries can be added for $40/account (not per user), as needed.

Additional discounts: Lawyaw offers member benefit discounts in partnership with some state and county bar associations. Ask a sales rep if there are additional discounts available for you. These discounts can’t be paired with other offers, except for the Annual plan pricing discount.