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Your dreams for your firm are in the clouds where they belong. To realize them sooner put your court form drafting there, too.

Speed up your court form drafting with cloud-based California Judicial Council forms software that takes minutes to implement, allows edits to forms from any computer, and works with Mac.

Easily search and select from more than 5,000 fillable California Judicial Council and local court forms.

Because Lawyaw is cloud-based, we’re able to automatically add up-to-date court forms to your account, so you can spend less time searching for them and more time talking with clients. Once you've identified the forms you need for your filing you can start populating them directly in Lawyaw.

Take advantage of the power of online software for your California court form drafting.

Access from anywhere.

If you’ve ever had to suffer through the redundancy of drafting sets of forms twice, simply because you couldn’t access the current project from home, or on the original computer they were created on, Lawyaw is for you. That's because Lawyaw is online Judicial Council forms software for lawyers. Access it from any computer and from anywhere you go.

No software to install.

Have you seen your CD-ROM drive lately? We're still looking for ours. We've heard from thousands of California attorneys that any Judicial Council forms program they would consider using needs to be easy to get started. That's why Lawyaw doesn't require you to install any software. Access your account from any browser and start drafting your court forms faster and more accurately in minutes.

Works with Mac.

We love Macs as much PCs. That's why we designed Lawyaw to work from any browser on any computer, so you can more easily achieve automated Judicial Council forms regardless of which OS you use.

Everyone at your firm can access and work on the same client projects.

Lawyaw is intended to benefit your entire firm. And since there is no software to install, passing the benefits along to the rest of your team is only an email invitation away. Once they start using Lawyaw, everyone can work together on the same projects, eliminating lost time from reproduced efforts.

All the tools you need to autofill California court forms faster and more accurately.

Enter information once.

Create your entire filing on Lawyaw by grouping documents and entering your information once. Let Lawyaw do the heavy lifting by populating all the documents at the same time, saving you, well–time.

Save regularly used form sets.

Certain filings contain the same forms which can be a chore to assemble. Lawyaw eliminates that hassle, allowing you to create each set once and reuse them over and over again.

Easily duplicate projects.

Why recreate the wheel? Take previously saved projects and quickly duplicate them in Lawyaw so you can get that next client project started more quickly.

Handles sophisticated elements with ease.

Lawyaw doesn't just help you automate text in your forms, it can also handle complex calculations and multiple choice selections. We've built this level of intelligence in so that you can draft more quickly having the confidence that you're also eliminating errors and mistakes.

Finish it all off with electronic signatures.

Save time and complete your filing faster using Lawyaw’s built-in electronic signature. Quickly and easily sign and send to your clients to sign all forms completed in Lawyaw. You can even sign Word or PDF documents created externally by adding them to your account. It’s all federally compliant and we keep an audit trail for you.

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Lawyaw v. Essential Forms

Lawyaw Essential Forms
Create custom groups of documents check check
Auto-populates repeated inputs check check
Add custom text fields check check
Auto-shrinking Text check check
Automatic updates of over 5,000 CA court forms check close
Cloud-based check close
Mac & PC compatible check close
The entire firm can work on the same project check close
Easily duplicate projects check close
Federally compliant e-sign check close
Store client files check close
Upload Word documents check close
Searchable government forms check close
Manage user access to clients check close
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