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Whether you’re a solo practitioner or a law firm with multiple attorneys and paralegals, Lawyaw is priced to help you start streamlining your court form and legal document drafting today.

California Court Forms


For any solo practitioner or legal professional.

  • 5,000+ fillable court forms.
  • Federally compliant e-sign.
  • Cloud-based. Works with Mac.
  • Create and save sets of forms for repeated use.
  • Federal immigration forms.
  • Automatic form updates.
  • Access from any computer.
  • Autofill sets of form simultaneously.
  • Create, save, and reuse form sets.
  • Easily duplicate projects.
  • Upload external documents.
  • Manage user access to clients.
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Online Template Bank


Quickly and easily turn your Word-based legal documents into online fillable templates.

  • Store and fill your documents online.
  • Accessible to your entire firm.
  • Edit your templates from Microsoft Word.


Team Pricing

Custom pricing plans for law firms and teams with multiple users.

  • Edit projects started by other team members.
  • Track the progress across your team.
  • Turn Word-based documents into fillable templates.
  • 5,000+ fillable court forms.
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