Lawyaw joins Clio!

We’re excited to announce that Lawyaw has been acquired by Clio, the leading provider of cloud-based legal technology, as of September 2021.

Since founding Lawyaw in 2016, our focus has been on streamlining the creation and completion of legal documents and court forms in order to save time on a tedious yet critical component of serving clients effectively. Joining Clio means we can deliver more innovative solutions to you, faster.

We are all very excited about this opportunity, which will see our entire team, including myself, join Clio. We want to take this moment to thank our customers, who have supported our vision of digitizing legal document workflows and court form solutions in a cloud-based platform.

For our current customers, this acquisition won’t change any of the things you love about our software. You will be able to rely on our solutions, and team, with the added bonus of knowing we will have more resources to enable greater innovations into the future.

Lawyaw has a long-standing data integration with Clio, and we were the first document automation software to be included in Clio’s app store, so this deal feels like a very natural extension of our existing relationship. Our offerings are so deeply aligned with Clio’s mission to transform the legal experience that joining the company seemed like an obvious choice as we look to our next chapter.

For more information, we have an acquisition FAQ on our site:

You can also check out this interview with me on Clio’s blog:

I hope you’ll join us in celebrating this huge milestone.

Tucker Cottingham, J.D.
CEO and Co-founder of Lawyaw