Improve Profitability Without Sacrificing Quality

Adopting Legal Document Automation can give you a competitive advantage while increasing your firm’s margins. With Clio Draft your legal drafting time is freed up allowing you to provide value-added services, handle an increased number of matters (or transactions), or develop a new service area for your practice.
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Create your same exact documents 80% faster, saving you time and money.

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Focus on client value rather than billable hours.

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Simplify remote access. Works on PC or Mac – no install required.

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Share and retain knowledge across your firm with cloud-based documents.

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Prices starting at $110/month, including one-on-one support to get started.

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“It used to take me up to 2 hours to generate an entire set of documents for my clients. In Clio Draft, I generate everything in 20 minutes tops."

Improve Efficiency and Profitability with Ease

Clio Draft’s advanced document automation tools allow users to simplify information gathering, document creation and eSign in one place. Solve for hours of manual work with a few clicks.
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Simplify drafting

Improve predictability

Focus on what matters

Everything you need to create legal documents faster and more accurately.

No more hunting in Microsoft Word

Information automatically entered in the right place. Enter information once and Lawyaw populates it throughout your document.

Ensure proper grammar & consistency

Quickly adjust pronouns & subject verb agreement to match your needs. Rather than save multiple templates or manually replacing information, click a button and update sets of documents.

Save standard provisions and precedent

Save previously used language as alternative clauses or sections. Use advanced functionality like conditional logic to update documents based on the client-specific inputs (number of children, for example).

Increase the speed of your firm's document drafting

Turn your existing Word documents into smart templates that preserve formatting and reduce drafting errors to create finished sets of documents in up to 80% less time.

Upload your finely-tuned Word documents.

And, if you're too busy, we can help get you set up. Easy.

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Upload fee agreements, discovery requests & responses, contracts, and more

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Your legal templates can be bundled as sets to make creation of complex packets fast and easy.

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Send out for eSignature directly from Clio Draft, or download a fully formatted Microsoft Word document and PDF with one click

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Increase your caseload without hiring staff

Use Clio Draft’s web-based platform to improve efficiency and predictability at your firm. Starting at $110/mo.

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