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Exploring the Role of Technology for Legal Aid Organizations

What you’ll find inside:

The past year has brought rapid change to the legal system and up-ended the daily lives of legal services providers and clients alike. From virtual court proceedings to remote clinics, it seems as though years of technological change have been condensed into a span of months. This has made the process challenging for legal professionals, which means it's even more difficult to navigate for everyday people in need. Now is the time to consider how technology can help Legal Services Organizations scale their impact to meet rising need. A few of the topics you'll find inside include:

  • New Challenges in the Legal Aid Sector
  • Types of Problems Technology Can Solve
  • Legal Tech Success Stories
  • Best Practices for Implementing New Technology
  • Future Opportunities to Capitalize on Technology
  • Working Together to Provide More Legal Assistance

Technology will play an important role in coping with the scale of legal issues that will need to be solved in the months and years ahead — both by legal aid organizations specifically and American society more broadly in order to narrow the justice gap. The goal of this document is to explore the ever-growing role technology can play in this mission, while acknowledging and addressing the challenges that legal services organizations face while adapting to new circumstances stemming from the pandemic.

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